Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any paperwork I need to complete?

Yes. We do have a brief hospital admissions form that we will require you to complete and return to us 7 days prior to your hospital admission. This will be provided to you on booking in your procedure and you can return this to us by either using the reply paid envelope provided to you in the post, by scanning and emailing it back to enquiries@mdpc.com.au or by fax on 03 88 500 591.

Where can I park?

Free parking is available. You may park in the undercover area of the building on Level 2 and take the lift to Level 3. Or alternately you can park in the outside parking area surrounding the medical centre. The lower levels are not time restricted, however the street level directly in front of the entrance is. For further information, please view the Contact Us page.

What should I bring with me?

  • All current medications in their original packaging
  • If you are coming from a nursing home, please bring your medication chart
  • All current X-rays or scans
  • Mobility aids, hearing aids, reading glasses
  • Pacemaker card if applicable
  • Your Medicare card and your health insurance membership card

If you do have an out of pocket cost, excess or co-payment to pay on admission, you will need to bring along a method of payment.

Is there food provided?

Food and beverages will be offered to you after your procedure as required. Refreshments for relatives and friends are available at Aura Café and Restaurant on Level 4. Alternately there are several cafés directly over the road at the Macedon Square Shopping Village, as well as Doncaster Shopping Town only 5 minutes down Manningham Road.

Can I eat before my procedure?

As a general rule, you can follow the instructions below, however, please keep in mind that you will be given more specific fasting instructions closer to the date of your procedure depending on your admission time and the type of procedure that you are having.

These instructions are safe to follow with the EXCEPTION OF A COLONOSCOPY which has its own set of preparation instructions.

DO NOT eat or drink anything – including water- after midnight for morning surgery.
DO NOT eat or drink anything – including water- after 8am, for afternoon surgery. Prior to 8am, eat a light breakfast such as tea and toast.
If you are unsure of anything when it comes to your fasting instructions, it is vital that you contact us at the hospital. Fasting is of great importance in the preparation for your procedure and it is important that you know your procedure can be cancelled or delayed if you have not followed instruction correctly or fasted for the sufficient amount of time.

Can my relatives/loved ones wait with me?

Relatives and friends are welcome to wait for you in our waiting room. However, if we have estimated it will be a few hours before you will be ready to go home, we encourage relatives and friends to return to pick you up. There are a number of local shopping centres, cafés and restaurants within walking distance and we are happy to call your escort when you are ready to be discharged.

Should I keep taking my normal medication?

Yes, unless advised differently by your surgeon. Should you have any queries, please contact your surgeon for clarification.

How long will I be at the hospital?

Approximately two to four hours in total depending on the type of procedure.

How will I get home after my procedure?

You must have someone accompany you home. If you have had a General Anaesthetic we recommend that you have a person stay with you for 24 hours after the procedure.

Can I go home alone?

No, unfortunately we are not able to have you leave the hospital without an escort. This is for your own wellbeing after having had anaesthetic. If no-one has been arranged to escort you home, it may be necessary to postpone or delay your procedure.

How do I pay for my procedure?

Insured Patients:

MDPC will do an eligibility check with your health insurance on your behalf prior to your admission with us. Any excess payable under your health insurance policy is to be paid on admission. Any additional costs incurred during your stay, such as discharge Pharmacy costs and some investigations, will need to be paid prior to discharge also.

Repatriation (DVA) Patients:

MDPC will lodge a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs on your behalf. Any additional costs incurred during your stay are payable on discharge.

WorkCover and Third Party (TAC) Patients:

The total payment (aside from ancillary charges) must be made on admission, unless approval for admission has been confirmed in writing by WorkCover.

Self Insured/ Uninsured Patients:

You will be provided with an estimate of the cost of your procedure prior to admission. Full payment (including ancillary charges) will be required on day of admission.

Payment may be made by cash, bank cheque, credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or EFTPOS.

*Please note – We regret that personal and business cheques are not accepted, nor are Amex (American Express) or Diners cards.

Can I wear make-up or jewellery on the day?

DO NOT wear any jewellery (wedding ring and watch are permitted)
DO NOT wear make-up or nail polish (ensure that one finger is free of artificial nail extensions)

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