Safety, Quality & Risk Management

“We are a Safe Hospital providing Quality Care”. We make this claim because we have evidence that confirms achievement of results & goals, or have systems in place to ensure the following:

Robust Clinical & Corporate Governance systems via the Nexus Board of Directors, Local Subsidiary Board meetings, Medical Advisory Committee and Management Review Committee.

Continued Accreditation against ISO 9001:2008 & the 10 National Standards for Quality & Safety in Healthcare

Compliance with an Annual 3rd party, Infection Control Audit, against Australian Standard 4187 : 2014

Benchmarking systems and results against “like” facilities across Australia via QPS Benchmarking

A robust Incident and Accident Reporting System that is reviewed at the highest level of governance

An extensive internal & external auditing program, to ensure consistency in practice, where results are reviewed by an External Accrediting agency

Thorough Medical Credentialing process via the Medical Advisory Committee, inclusive of ensuring Registration via the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency

Extensive Risk Register and associated risk treatment plans to manage and mitigate risks

“What to expect when you are a patient at TCDH”.

“The Tennyson Way” is an internal philosophy that was developed prior to the hospital opening and has continued over the years. The concept was to create a positive culture amongst staff and visiting Doctors across the workplace. Look out for the posters displayed around the hospital. The principles that underpin “The Tennyson Way” are:

A “can do” attitude
Being supportive, caring and respectful to everyone you encounter
Having fun while getting the job done
Having a strong customer service focus

Consequently, you should find staff friendly, welcoming, helpful and professional. You can expect medical & nursing care of a high standard, be patient centric & performed in an efficient way.

“We provide Consumer Centred Care”. Based on the feedback we get from patients and relatives, we believe we have mastered this. We value patient feedback as a gauge of performance & use suggestions to make changes, wherever possible & practicable. Please feel free to complete our “Patient Satisfaction Survey” or “Praise, Complaints & Suggestions” forms when you are here. Alternatively, you can speak to any employee of the hospital about your experience, right up to the Director of Nursing. All comments count!

“We get results”. TCDH can stand by this statement as we routinely audit many systems and processes. We proudly display certificates of achievement in the front reception area also. If you are interested in our results, you can ask to see our audits or data, at any time, on the following:

Hand Hygiene
Patient Satisfaction Surveys
Staff Satisfaction Surveys
Multiple Infection Control Audits
Open Disclosure principles
Measurement of our Quality Objectives
Clinical Indicators
External Audits & Accreditation